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Let's conserve biodiversity


The Le PAL Nature Foundation supports and accompanies financially, technically and humanely projects which, in France and abroad, offer lasting solutions in response to the threats facing biodiversity, and in particular endangered wildlife and their habitat.


(The non-profit organisation) SANCCOB

SANCCOB works for the conservation of Cape seabirds. Its principal activities aim in particular to collect the eggs abandoned by penguin females, raise the chicks, recreate new colonies in areas where the food is more abundant and also treat and save the birds oiled by the too frequent oil spills which occur in the Cape area. Since its creation in 1968, nearly 100,000 birds have been treated and saved.


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The Atoupic Association

This Association specializes in welcoming and caring for injured or orphaned hedgehogs. Recognized as a protected species since 1981, the hedgehog is nonetheless endangered mainly because of human activities (road collisions, clearing, pesticides, etc.). The care centre welcomes orphaned or injured hedgehogs, takes care of them and releases them into suitable areas around France.


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Primate France Project

The Chimpanzee Conservation Centre is located in Guinea in the National Park of Upper Niger. The CCC, created in 1997, welcomes orphaned chimpanzees taken by the Guinean government, offers them the best possible living conditions and teaches them the basics necessary to prepare them for a return to the wild. The first release took place successfully on 27th June, 2008 in the National Park of Upper Niger at the same time as awareness-raising actions for local populations and measures to fight against illegal trafficking were introduced. The centre now hosts about sixty animals that need to relearn how to be a chimp for their future release.

Photo : Primate France Project

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Save the Rhino

An organisation that implements many ways to try to neutralise the poaching of rhinos in Africa and Asia. Rhinos, like African elephants, continue to be illegally slaughtered for their ivory, which is sold on the international traffic market. "Save The Rhino" sets up trained and equipped anti-poaching patrols, welcomes orphaned rhinos to ensure their survival, and offers awareness-raising actions to local populations.

Photo : Save the Rhino

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