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A major drought due to ...

Pantanal fires

The Pantanal region in Brazil is experiencing an unprecedented period of drought. Today, more than 20% of its area has burned down. More than 3 million hectares have already been reduced to ashes. These fires destroy this humid ecosystem, which is home to exceptional flora and fauna, in particular: the giant armadillo, the giant anteater, the tapir, the tamandua, the ocelot, the savannah fox, the collared peccary, the coati, the crested cariama, the six-banded armadillo, puma, white-lipped peccary and many others suffer from this disaster. All species are affected and thousands of people die from burns or suffocation.

Thus, the IPE - Instituto de Pesquisas Ecológicas (ecological research institute) in collaboration with “Projeto Tatu-Canastra / Giant Armadillo Project (conservation program of giant armadillos) combine their efforts and resources to try to save the wild animals that can still be (giant anteaters that burn themselves alive because of their long hairs, armadillos who probably die poisoned in burrows, tapirs, etc.) and help teams in the field that the COVID-19 health crisis has already touch.

The Le PAL Nature Foundation has been able to provide exceptional assistance for the preservation of the biodiversity of the Pantanal. These urgent funds are needed to purchase drugs and medical supplies as well as fire protection gear for the teams struggling tirelessly to try to contain the fires.

AFDPZ (French Association of Zoological Parks) also supports this project.
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AFDPZ (French Association of Zoological Parks) also supports this project.

IPÊ - Institute for Ecological Research

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