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Protect animals and rocky heritage

Claude Kurtz an enthusiast in the service of nature

For 36 years, the SOS Peregrine Falcon Lynx association has been working for the study and protection of species and rock habitats in the Northern Vosges. With its know-how, the association has gradually developed with managers and various stakeholders in the natural environment a sustainable management project for the conservation, in particular of the peregrine falcon and its habitat. It carries out its actions in partnership with the Sycoparc via an agreement. The aim of the latter is to pool actions for the protection of the peregrine falcon, the common raven and the grand duke of Europe, as well as the rocky heritage.

The association is particularly involved in the study and monitoring of the peregrine falcon and the common raven in Natura 2000 areas:

  • in the national natural reserve of rocks and peat bogs of the country of Bitche
  • in the La Petite Pierre national hunting and wildlife reserve
  • in the Adelsberg-Lutzelhardt cross-border integral forest reserve

Regarding the 2021 projects, the association took charge of the management and inventory of peregrine falcon sites on the middle Vosges mountains. There will be prospecting and site monitoring from March to July with a summary file for the implementation of protection measures.

The Le PAL Nature Foundation finances travel expenses and the renewal of 5 camera traps to ensure the surveillance of sites threatened by poisoners.

Camera traps allow surveillance of sites threatened by the use of poisoned pigeons to destroy the peregrine falcon
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Camera traps allow surveillance of sites threatened by the use of poisoned pigeons to destroy the peregrine falcon

SOS Peregrine Falcon

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Lynx are animals that can live near humans. Knowing more about these lynxes is therefore essential:

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The Foundation supports and supports financially, technically and humanly projects which, in France and abroad, offer lasting solutions to respond to the threats facing biodiversity, and in particular endangered wildlife species and their habitat.

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