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She's the boss...

She often has the last word

At PAL, Zimba lives with Ace, Soket and Zambia (the 3 adult males of the pack) then his sons: Black, Loustik and Yagarou (born September 24, 2019 at PAL). His daughters: Fifa, Jalil and Nouba took the road to Denmark to found their respective families there with other young males to preserve the genetic heritage of our species.

She will be 10 years old in 2023 and she is the breeding and dominant female of the group. She has already had 8 babies with Ace, Soket and Zambia: 5 females and 3 males. She's a good mother and all the males in the pack take great care of the youngsters. Her babies were born in a den created by the trainers to be able to monitor the whelping process using a camera... This did not prevent her from digging her own dens in the enclosure. in case !

Like everyone else, she has her little habits: she loves to eat indoors in the dry, especially in winter or even summer if it's hot. She's the only one in the group to do that. She also likes to sleep among the other wild dogs to be warm and roll in clean straw.

During the enrichments, she shows a lot of determination and tenacity to obtain the reward (food, smell, etc.). In summer she prefers to watch others bathe or play in the pool, it's not really her thing to be wet. Finally, she does not hesitate to assert herself if she wants a particular piece of meat. She often has the last word!

It is called Zimba in reference to Zimbabwe!
Did you know ?

It is called Zimba in reference to Zimbabwe!

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Because all species play a role in the balance of ecosystems essential for life on earth, protecting them means acting for the good of the planet and the survival of future generations.

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