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How is the pregnancy of the giraffe?

From breeding...

Giraffes reach sexual majority at around 5 years old for males and around 3 years old for females. Females can give birth for about 20 years. During this period, the females are receptive every 15 days and reproduce every 20 to 30 months.

Giraffes are polygynous living beings, the male mates with several females. During the estrous period, the male chooses a female and keeps her away from other males.

Courtship is characterized by the urine test performed by the male by smelling the female's urine with the mouth movement called the flehmen. If this test is positive, then the male will rub his head near the female's rump and then lay it on her back. To see if the female is receptive, the male will then lick her tail and lift his front leg. If the female accepts the male's advances then she will surround the male, stretch her tail and adopt a mating position. From then on, copulation can take place.

In general, in giraffes, mating takes place during the monsoon period and birth during the dry months. The gestation period varies between 400 and 468 days. the birth of the giraffe!

Giraffes are born by falling. Indeed, giraffes give birth, standing or walking. The baby at birth makes a fall of about 3 meters in height. At birth, the giraffe weighs between 50 kg and 70 kg and measures around 2 meters. In general, only one baby is born at a time, but there are also twins!

The little giraffe is a very clever being and can stand on its feet only an hour after giving birth. The first days of his life, the little one remains lying and hidden in the grass because he is still vulnerable, his mother never stays far from him to protect and feed him. After a month, the mother giraffe takes her calf to other giraffes. This allows the female to move away in order to be able to feed and thus make her young drink. This gathering of giraffes is called a "nativity group". The mothers take turns to watch them and always come back in the evening to breastfeed them. Note that during the first days of a giraffe's life, giraffes only move about twenty meters from their young. At the end of the first month and with the nursery system, they move away up to 200m. The giraffe is weaned between the 12th and 16th month of its life, however it becomes completely independent between its 1st year and its 3rd year.