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green globe

A responsible company committed to the environment


PAL is a responsible company, concerned with reducing the impact of its activity on the environment. In 2007, we embarked on a sustainable development approach allowing us to obtain one of the most demanding sustainable tourism certifications in the world: the GREEN GLOBE Label.

Over the past 10 years, Le PAL has implemented global actions to offer you a responsible tourist activity.


Sustainable development is a global approach, combining environmental, social and economic aspects. This is why, beyond our commitment to protecting the environment, we are committed to providing the best working conditions to our teams and to supporting the development of the local economy!


Natural filtration of ponds

To filter the water in our ponds, like that of the Alligator Bay attraction, we use a natural process.

The principle is simple: pass the water through porous rock and plants so that it is naturally filtered, without chemicals!

These pools are made up of volcanic rocks and plants like Carex, Iris and many more!


Waste recycling

To further reduce our waste, we are constantly looking for new channels to recover the waste produced in the park.


Partnership with local actors

To promote local biodiversity and the growth of businesses and associations in the sector, PAL and the Le PAL Nature Foundation are developing partnerships with local players.



In 30 years, nearly 80% of insects have disappeared in Europe! To fight against this disappearance, on our scale, we have made land available for the “Miellerie du Charolais” (Chevagnes) to install beehives in the park. We are also leaving land and logistically supporting the association "Fier de ma nature" in order to plant flower meadows around the park. These plantations are particularly popular with pollinating insects!

While waiting for PAL to produce its own honey, you can find the honey from "Miellerie du Charolais" at the Comptoir de l'Ours store.


Our social commitment


A desire to train and offer the best working conditions to our teams

Committing to sustainable development also means helping its employees to grow. This is why, each year, we carry out diploma training courses to enable our seasonal teams to obtain a CQP (Professional Qualification Certificate) allowing them to progress professionally in the field of leisure parks or restaurants.

In order to guarantee the best working conditions for the teams and ensure their safety, as part of the creation of the CSE, the PAL has created, without legal obligation, a health commission. In addition, the management brought in an osteopath on site, to allow the teams to benefit from a session during their working time.


"Live my life" days

Founded in 1973, PAL was then a small family business with only ten employees. As it has developed, the park's teams have grown and the park now has 90 full-time employees and nearly 350 during the season!

As the integration and recognition of the work of colleagues is an essential aspect of a good general atmosphere, every three years we organize “Live my life” days, allowing employees to discover, for a whole day, one of the professions of the business, whether permanent or seasonal. These days are privileged moments of exchange, making it possible to discover and understand the problems and imperatives that each one is confronted with in the course of his work. An original way to rediscover the park and its colleagues!


An award-winning partnership with Esat de Diou

Created in 2008, the Esat de Diou (03290) helps the integration of disabled adults by offering them professional activities in a protected setting and providing them with social support.

Since 2010, Le PAL has been a partner of this structure by offering them various missions within our park: collection and sorting of waste, maintenance of green spaces and various technical tasks.

This collaboration was rewarded in 2016 with the “Coup de Cœur” prize in the national “Handiresponsible Trophies” competition.


Our commitment to the local economy


Participate in the development and growth of local businesses

In our approach to sustainable development, it seemed essential to us to participate in the growth of local businesses. Thus, when we have work to do, we make the companies in the sector work to promote jobs in the region.

We have worked hand in hand with La Fabrique d´Architecture (Dompierre-sur-Besbre) for most of our work since 1990 and we now represent 25% of their turnover. This company is currently supervising the construction of our future “Savana RESERVE” hotel.

The Dubuisson company (Pierrefitte-sur-Loire) carries out all our framing and roofing work.

The Vaudelin company (Saint-Léon) carries out all our masonry work.


When a partnership allows a local company to become a European specialist in zoological construction: Entreprise Lamartine-Constructions

Lamartine-Construction is a company that was initially specialized in the construction of agricultural and industrial buildings. After carrying out various works in the park, in 2004 we entrusted them with the realization of a first zoological project: the construction of the building for our Asian elephants.

Following this collaboration, the company has developed its skills in this area and has become the European specialist in the development of animal parks, with tailor-made equipment dedicated to zoos.

Aware of our environmental commitment, this company has thus become our privileged partner for all our constructions, combining specialized fittings and recycled materials. For example, the guardrails of the Mississippi Alligator enclosure are made with old salvaged rails, the waterfall at the Yukon Truck attraction is a former hay bale elevator, etc.


Académie Le PAL

Building on this desire, we are also betting on the future and in 2019 we created the academy le pal, which welcomes 30 children during extracurricular activities. Our main goal is for them to become ambassadors for the planet through the weekly activities we offer them around zoology, the vegetable garden and nature in general. In 2020, we will welcome 60 children.



To know more

The sustainable development approach is fully integrated into the company's decision-making circuit, including at its highest level by PAL management. The Steering Committee, made up of the heads of each department, sets the objectives and orientations of the process, validates the sustainable development policy and future actions, thus guaranteeing the continuous improvement of our performance.

PAL obtained Green Globe certification for the first time on October 25, 2010. A new audit is carried out each year to validate the company's performance and the progress made.

To find out more about our approach, you can download the following documents: