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Reopening of the park on june 6, 2020

Safe reopening



The entire PAL team will once again be able to welcome you from Saturday 6 June, and this, of course, while respecting the application of directives and recommendations from the public authorities in the fight against Covid-19.

  • If you have questions about our commercial offer and your visit to the park in the current context, see our exceptional measures.
  • If you want to know the opening days between June and October, consult our new opening calendar.
  • If you have not found the answers to your questions, please fill out our contact form
  • Please know that we do our best to respond to each of you as soon as possible. In order to respond as quickly as possible to your requests, please do not overload our telephone lines and favor email messages

We are looking forward to welcoming you for this new season and see you soon.

During your visit

What to do


Safety distances and ground markings

Respect of safety distances and follow-up of markings on the ground in:

  • lines of attractions
  • the ticketing line
  • the control lines
  • in restaurants
  • in the shops

Wearing a mask recommended

For your comfort and safety, the mask is not compulsory in the park.

It is compulsory from 11 years old when the rules of distancing cannot be respected, namely:

  • in the ticket queues
  • in the control queues
  • in the queues of all attractions
  • in the attractions: The Twist, The Siberian Tiger, Azteka, Yukon Quad, The Dynamik 3D Cinema, The Journey Above the World, King Kong, The Descent from Colorado, The Sun's Disc, The Pirate Ship, The Train the entrance, the Train des aventuriers and Le Lac des Chercheurs d'Or
  • to cross the restaurant rooms: La Coupole, Le Quai West cafeteria
  • during the performance Le Ballet des Otaries
  • during all educational activities
  • in the shops

The mask is not compulsory in the park alleys.


Hydroalcoholic gel

Hydroalcoholic gel is available to you:

  • at the entrance of each attraction
  • in the shops in restaurants
  • at the entrance of each Lodge
  • at the reception of the Lodges

Disinfection of contact areas

The contact areas in the attractions will be regularly cleaned and disinfected according to a precise protocol validated by the Prefecture.



Contactless payment

Prefer payment by contactless bank card. For information, banks have increased the limit for contactless payments to €50.



One person for payment

In shops, restaurants, at the ticket office and at the automatic ticket office, we recommend that only one person stand in line to make payment at the cash register.