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All roads lead to the PAL

Access to the park

CS 60001



Le PAL is located

  • 1hr30 from Clermont Ferrand
  • 1hr35 from Bourges
  • 2hrs from Lyon
  • 2hrs from Dijon
  • 2hrs from St Etienne

GPS coordinates

3° 37' 36" E
46° 30' 50" N




By car

  • A6 North-South: - Exit 26 Chalon-Sud, direction Moulins
  • A6 Sud-Nord: - Exit 29 Mâcon-Sud, then N79 to Digoin, then A79 towards Dompierre-sur-Besbre - Exit 27 Dompierre-sur-Besbre Ouest
  • A71 North-South: - Exit 11 Montmarault, then A79 towards Digoin - Exit 28 Thiel-sur-Acolin

All our tips



If your children are not the required size, contact the attraction operator, then you can do the attraction in turn without taking up the queue.

Picnic areas

Numerous picnic areas are available inside and outside the park. They are easily located on the park map.

The e-ticket

By booking from our website, you save time at the entrance. Present your ticket directly on your phone at the controls, without going through our ticket office.




We offer a stroller rental for €7 a day at the Comptoir de l'Ours boutique, located at the entrance to the park. You will be asked for an identity document and returned when you return the stroller.

Baby change

A baby changer is installed in all the men and women toilets in the park (excluding Place de la Gaieté toilets).

Lost child

Any child found is taken to the aid station, located near the La Coupole restaurant. We offer you free, at the entrance of the park at the control, white bracelets allowing to clearly note the identity and a telephone number on which we can reach you.


First aid

If you start to feel bad or think you need medical assistance, do not hesitate to go to our aid station, in the center of the park, near the restaurant La Coupole.

ATM machine

An ATM is at your disposal in the center of the park, near the restaurant La Coupole.

Objects found

Lost property is systematically brought back to the aid station, located near the La Coupole restaurant.



Paid lockers are available at the entrance to the park, just after ticket control. The rates are €2 or €3 per day depending on the size per day.

Free parking 

All our car parks are free. A parking lot is dedicated to coaches and motorhomes during the day, note that this parking lot is closed at night.


Connect to the PAL's free WiFi and browse the internet and your apps as much as you want. Find all the WiFi hotspots on the park map.


Little furry beasts

Only guide dogs (in training or confirmed) and assistance dogs for the disabled are accepted and can therefore accompany their owners throughout their day at the PAL. All other pets are prohibited in the park as well as in the PAL Lodges and in PAL Savana RESERVE. If necessary, 1 paid kennel located in Thiel-sur-Acolin (5 minutes from the park) can accommodate your pet. For more information you can contact La pension de la Terre du Milieu on 07 50 03 14 48.

Reception of people with disabilities

Since 2017, Le PAL has received the Tourism and Handicap label for motor, mental, hearing and visual impairments. Many facilities are in place for you to fully enjoy your day at the PAL.



Single people

A single people queue is a separate queue for visitors who wish to visit an attraction individually. This queue is therefore not suitable if you wish to visit an attraction accompanied by another person or in a group.

Smoking areas

The covered and uncovered areas of the PAL are non-smoking, outdoor areas have been specially designed for our smoking visitors. This regulation also applies to electronic cigarettes.