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All the questions

Find all the questions that Palou asked himself during his visit to Le PAL park

  • When is the park open?

    The park is currently open. To find our days and opening hours, consult our calendar.

  • Can I picnic?

    The picnic is allowed in the park, a picnic area is located near the bus parking.

    In addition, several spaces have been created inside the park:

    • Near the Giraffes de Rothschild area
    • Beside the attraction the Desert Squadron
    • Between the area of ??Asian Elephants and Red Pandas

    For information, please note that there are many restorations available inside the park (restaurant, self-service cafeteria, creperie, snack bar, sandwich shop)

  • I have a disability card, do I have a special rate?

    Since 2017, PAL has been labeled Tourisme et Handicap for motor, mental, auditory and visual impairments.

    You are the holder of the 80% mobility disability inclusion card, you benefit from a €4 discount on the full price of the PAL for 1 day, upon presentation of your card at the checkout counters. We offer you an entrance ticket for the price of:

    • Adult (from 10 years old): €27
    • Children up to 9 years old included: €23
    • Free for children under one meter

    For the visually impaired, we grant a free entry for an escort.

  • What are the park's schedules?

    The park opens at 10am. The closing time varies depending on the season and the number of visitors. To know the schedules according to the seasonality, think to consult our calendar.

  • I have a CSE 2019 - 2020 ticket. Has the validity date been postponed?

    Regarding unused CSE 2019 - 2020 tickets, we have first extended their expiry date until June 6, 2021. We have again extended this expiration date until July 31, 2021. Today the tickets are no longer valid.

  • Is there a visitor gauge to get back to the park?

    As specified in the decree of May 18, 2021 published by the government, there is no gauge planned for theme parks but simply health protocols, as was already the case in 2020. Find all the sanitary measures in place by the park, they are likely to evolve according to the evolution of the health context.

  • Do I need a health pass to come to the park?

    Since July 21, 2021, the health pass* is mandatory; from 18 years old; to access the park, checks are carried out at the entrance to the park. It is also imperative to continue to respect the sanitary measures below, put in place by the park.

    For your information, no test can be carried out on site on the day of your visit.

    For visitors between 12 and two months past and 17 years old, a tolerance is applied until September 30, 2021.

    Children under 12 and 2 months do not need a health pass.

    *The health pass is in the form of a QRCode (printed or digital via the #TousAntiCovid application) which justifies:

    • either by a complete vaccination certificate (all the necessary doses carried out more than a week ago and fourteen days ago for Janssen/Johnson & Johnson)
    • either by an RT-PCR or antigen test or supervised self-tests negative certificate of less than 72 hours. Self-tests are not valid.
    • or by a certificate of recovery from Covid-19: RT-PCR or positive antigen test dating from at least 11 days and less than 6 months.

  • What are the barrier gestures to follow during my visit?

    Throughout your visit, we thank you for respecting the following health measures:

    • The mask is compulsory in queues, shops, educational presentations as well as for the Ballet des Otaries performance.
    • We recommend that you use one of the 150 hydroalcoholic gel terminals located in the park as well as the 16 water points equipped with soap to wash your hands.
    • We invite you to respect the markings on the ground in the areas concerned and the directions of visit indicated and to walk on the right side in the aisles.
    • It is preferable to favor payment by contactless credit card (up to € 50) or to use your own pen for payment by check.
    • In shops, restaurants, ticket offices and ticket machines we recommend that only one person stand in line to proceed with payment at the cash desk.
    • Agents are present in the park to guide you and give you instructions.

  • When can I come without too many people?

    If you can, it is best to come on weekdays outside public holidays and bridges, and if you are free only on weekends, choose the least sunny day.

    To save time and access the park directly, without going to the checkouts of the entrance, you can buy your tickets online. With your smartphone, present your tickets directly without printing them.

  • Can I buy my tickets in advance?

    In order to access the park directly, without passing through the checkouts of the entrance, you can buy your tickets online.

    You can benefit from a reduced rate with the Smart Ticket, dated ticket, bought minimum 7 days in advance:

    • Adult ticket or child of 10 years old and more: €27
    • Child ticket up to 9 years old included: €23
    • Free for children under one meter

    Automatic kiosks to buy your tickets are also available at the park entrance.

  • What are the payment methods accepted at the checkout counters?

    For tickets purchased at the PAL cash desk, you can pay by:

    • Bank checks, bank cards, cash
    • Holiday vouchers and Connect Holiday Vouchers we do not give change and you have the possibility to add another form of payment. Holiday vouchers are also accepted at all catering outlets. Holiday vouchers are not accepted in souvenir shops.
    • Kadéos Infini ticket, Kadéos Horizon ticket, Kadéos Culture ticket, we do not give change and you have the possibility to make a purchase with another payment method. They are also accepted in the souvenir shops but on the other hand, are not accepted in the restaurants.

    For tickets purchased at the automatic terminals in the PAL car park: Payment by credit card and Holiday vouchers.

  • I can pay in Holiday Vouchers?

    Holiday vouchers and Connect Holiday Vouchers are accepted at checkout counters and at all catering outlets. Be careful, we do not give change and you have the possibility to add another form of payment. Holiday vouchers are not accepted in souvenir shops.

  • I have an electric car where can I recharge it?

    A charging station for electric cars is located in the car park near the checkouts, to the right of the automatic box office.

    This terminal allows to charge 2 cars simultaneously.

    When you have parked your electric vehicle just go to the info point (located to the left of the entrance controls) to get the badge to charge your car. The price is 15 euros for the day, for a car. A deposit of 50 € will be required. This deposit will be returned at the end of the day, when you bring back the badge.

  • What are the conditions of access to the attractions?

    For security reasons (manufacturer standards), access to certain attractions is regulated in terms of size. Respect for these rules is imperative. Children can be measured before accessing these attractions. A child whose height requires support must be by a person over 16 years of age.

    Attractions for the whole family

    Find the attractions for the whole family!

      Forbidden at least (cm) Compulsory accompaniment below (cm)
    The Rapido 100 140 (1)
    The Swing Ride 100 120
    The Siberian Tiger 100 140
    The Goldhunters' Lake   140
    The Canadian River 100 140
    The Caravels 90 120
    Alligator Bay 90 140
    Down the Colorado River 100 140
    Voyage over the Wold   140 (1)
    The Adventurers' Train   140
    The Magic cups 90 120
    The Pirate Ship 100 140
    The Yukon Wings 100 120

    (1) Attention, this attraction is not accessible to wheelchairs


    Attractions for children

    Find attractions for children, attractions adapted to the sensations of the little ones!

      Forbidden at least (cm) Compulsory accompaniment below (cm)
    King Kong 90 130
    The Frogs' Roundabout   120
    Le PAL Stud Farm   120
    African Journey   140
    The Conquest of the West   140
    The Merry-Go-Round   120
    The Enchanted Forest   120
    The Mystery Tower 100 (2)  
    The Oriental Balloons   120
    Desert Squadron 90 (2)  
    The Beaver River 90 120
    The Yukon Trucks   120

    (2) This attraction is not accessible to people over 1.40m


    Sensational attractions

    Find thrilling attractions!

      Forbidden at least (cm) Compulsory accompaniment below (cm)
    The Twist 100 140
    The Sun Disc 120  
    The Azteka Mine Train 100 140
    The Dynamik 3D Cinema 100 140
    Yukon Quad 120 140


  • Are there lockers?

    Yes, paying instructions are available at the entrance of the park, just after the ticket check.
    Rates are 2€ or 3€ per day depending on the size of the day.

  • Can I leave the park during the day and return as many times as I want?

    Yes, but before leaving the park you must stamp your hand, with the pads that are available just before the exit. Once stamped you can enter and exit all day long. However, your ticket may be required. Be careful, any unbuffered output is final.

  • Can I rent an electric scooter?

    To facilitate your visit, electric scooters are rented: 20 € (all public) and 15 € on presentation of the disability card 80% or disability mobility inclusion card. A deposit of 100 € (bank check) will be required. When you arrive at the PAL, contact the info point located to the left of the entrance.

    Beware, scooters are limited in number.

    These scooters are only rented for medical reasons.

    Namely, the maximum allowable weight for electric scooters is 130kg.

  • Can we rent strollers in the park?

    We offer a stroller rental for 6 € a day at the Comptoir de l'Ours shop, located at the park entrance. An ID will be requested and returned upon return of the stroller.

  • Are there special rates (student, senior / retired, military, pregnant, large family, disabled)?

    We do not offer special student, senior / retired, military, pregnant and large family rates. But you can benefit from a reduced rate with the Smart Ticket, dated ticket, bought minimum 7 days in advance

    If you hold an 80% disability card or a mobility disability inclusion card, at checkout and upon presentation of the card, we offer a ticket for €27 for an adult and €23 for a child under 10 years old. For the visually impaired, benefit from a free guide.

    Discover all our rates including our exclusive discounted web offers.

  • What are group rates?

    To benefit from the group rate, you must be at least 25 people, except for groups of disabled people (5 people minimum). Discover the group rates.

  • What does the ticket price include?

    The entrance ticket includes access to the attractions (depending on accessibility sizes), the animal park, animal shows, educational activities and feedings.

  • I have a large body or I am very muscular, am I sure to ride in the attractions?

    To ensure the safety of passengers, some attractions are equipped with belts, bars or harnesses. These systems must be locked to allow staff to start the attraction. Seats and harnesses are designed for a medium build to keep small and large passengers safe. As a result, some people with a large body size (whether waist circumference, thighs or arms) may be denied access at the time of boarding if the operator fails to close sufficiently. the harness or safety bar.

    If you have any doubts about your accessibility or that of your child, do not hesitate to ask our staff before entering the queues.

    Are concerned in particular:

    • The Twist
    • The Sun Disc
    • Th Swing Ride
    • Azteka
    • The Siberian Tiger
    • The Dynamik 3D Cinema
    • The Pirate Ship
    • Yukon Quad

  • Are dogs accepted?

    Only guide dogs (in training or confirmed) and assistance dogs for disabled people are accepted and can therefore accompany their masters throughout their day at the PAL. However, they cannot board any attractions.

    All other pets are forbidden in the park as well as in the PAL Lodges and in the PAL Savana RESERVE. You have at your disposal a free kennel, inquire at the info point at the park entrance. He will have an individual box and a bowl of water, but no care can be lavished on him.

  • I bought my ticket on the internet but I do not have a printer, what should I do?

    When you buy your tickets online, you will receive an email confirming your order. Then follow the instructions to download your tickets to your smartphone before coming to the park. Then go straight to the controls with your tickets downloaded to your smartphone.

  • Is it possible to pay in restaurant vouchers at catering outlets?

    Tickets Restaurants are not accepted in the park. On the other hand, Chèques Vacances are accepted in all the restaurants of the park.

  • Is there a place to change babies?

    Yes, a change baby is installed in all toilets men and women of the park (except toilets Place de la Gaieté)

  • What does the price of a stay include?

    In the austral summer, the price per person includes:

    • Entrance to the park (amusement park and animal park)
    • Dinner (drinks not included)
    • The night
    • Breakfast

    In the indian summer, the price per person includes:

    • Dinner (drinks not included) 
    • The night
    • Breakfast
    • Entrance to the animal park (closed attractions)
    • Lunch (drinks not included) 

  • Do I have priority access to the entrance?

    Yes, if you are the holder of the mobility inclusion disability 80% card.

    Go to checkout #1 to purchase your ticket.

    Go to Control #12 at the entrance to the park and ask for a blue bracelet by presenting your card.

  • Do I have to queue if I have a temporary disability (pregnant woman, limb in a cast, RQTH)?

     I have a serviced entrance so I can wait at the side of the attraction while the rest of my family or group is in line. When she arrives for boarding, I can get on with her.

  • Are attractions accessible to pregnant women?

    For safety reasons, certain attractions are prohibited for pregnant women.

    Prohibited attractions are:

    • The Twist
    • King Kong
    • The Sun Disc
    • The Swing Ride
    • Azteka
    • The Dynamik 3D Cinema
    • The Pirate Ship
    • Yukon Quad
    • The Yukon Wings

    The attractions not recommended are:

    • Down the Colorado River
    • The Rapido
    • The Siberian Tiger
    • The Canadian River
    • The Magic Cups

  • Can I download individual or group documentations?

    You can download our different documentation by clicking below:

  • I have a recognized disability, do I have priority access to attractions?

    When you arrive at the park entrance, you must present your disability card, priority card or mobility inclusion card, to the ticket inspector.

    A blue bracelet will be given to you as well as a plan of the park indicating all the conditions of access and accompaniment to facilitate your visit (all the attractions except the Voyage over the World and the Rapido have a priority access)

    According to the attractions the number of companions is limited and is indicated on this plan of visit.

    This priority access is also granted to people with autism. Thank you for notifying the ticket controller to give a blue bracelet to the autistic person.

  • Are there parking spaces reserved for people with reduced mobility?

    Yes, parking is reserved for people with reduced mobility in front of the check-in counters (about 30 places)

  • Is the parking fee?

    All car parks are free.

  • Am I allowed to come to the park with my autonomous vehicle? For entry into the park, only electric or manual wheelchairs are accepted.

    Electric scooters are rented at a rate of €20 and wheelchairs at a rate of €6

  • Are lodges accessible to people with reduced mobility?

    Yes, three Lodges are accessible to people with reduced mobility.

  • Do attractions work when it's raining?

    For your safety certain attractions may be temporarily stopped for inappropriate weather conditions (rain, storm, strong wind, hail, very strong heat ...).

  • If my child gets lost in the park, who should I talk to?

    Any child found is taken to the the emergency station, located near the restaurant La Coupole.

    To avoid this kind of problem do not hesitate to tell him a meeting point which you will have agreed together. We offer free, at the park entrance at the control, white bracelets to clearly note the identity and a phone number on which we can reach you.

  • If I lose an object where should I go?

    Lost items are systematically reported to the emergency station, located near the restaurant La Coupole.

  • I am very tall, do I have access to all the attractions?

    For safety reasons, entry to all attractions is subejct to height, size, body type and physical condition. If you have any doubts about accessibility of the attraction to you or your child, please just ask our staff before joining the queues.

  • How long does it take to visit the entire park?

    If you want to enjoy all the attractions, the animal park, as well as all the shows, two days will be necessary for the visit.

    For the visit of the animal park we offer you two formulas.

    • The long course which lasts about 3 hours
    • The short course which lasts about 1h30

    You can also not follow the routes and stroll as you please in the animal park.

  • Where can I find the park plan?

    Find the map of the park on our website.

    Upon your arrival at the PAL, at the control, a detailed visit plan and indicating the different times of the shows will be given to you.

  • Are there ATMs?

    A cash machine is at your disposal in the center of the park, near the restaurant La Coupole.

  • I have a CSE 2020 - 2021 ticket. Has the validity date been extended?

    CSE 2020 - 2021 tickets are valid until October 3, 2021. You can therefore enjoy the park throughout the 2021 season on the day of your choice according to the park's opening calendar. There are no plans to extend the expiry date.

  • I have an invitation valid for 1 day in 2020 or 2021. Has the validity date been extended?

    Your 2020 - 2021 invitation is valid until October 3, 2021. You can therefore enjoy the park throughout the 2021 season on the day of your choice according to the park's opening calendar. There are no plans to extend the expiry date.

  • I kept my Season Pass in 2020 and chose the special offer for the 2021 season at €39 adult and €34 child. Following the postponement of the opening to June 9, what do you offer me?

    You were able to benefit from a preferential rate on which there will be no additional discount granted.

  • I bought my Season Pass at the park ticket office in 2020. Am I entitled to a reduction in 2021?

    By having purchased your Season Pass from June 2020, you were able to take advantage of them quite normally for the duration of the remaining season. No reduction is applied for 2021.

  • I made a group reservation, what should I do?

    • If you have booked directly at PAL, our sales department will contact you.
    • If you have booked with a travel professional (travel agencies, coach operators, online travel agencies), please contact them directly so that they can process your file.

  • How to book a stay in Le Pal's lodges or Savana RESERVE?

    In a setting as exceptional as it is original, Le PAL invites you to extend your stay to live the unforgettable experience of a night in the heart of the savannah or in the middle of the great lakes!

    To stay at PAL Lodges you can book directly by phone by contacting the Lodges reception on 04 70 48 72 00

    To stay at Savana RESERVE you can book directly by phone by contacting the Lodges reception on 04 70 48 72 62



  • Can I park with my motorhome?

    A car park is dedicated to coaches and motorhomes during the day.

    At night, for safety reasons, it is strictly forbidden to park on this car park since it is closed at night. We invite you to park your camper on the P3, P4 or P5 car parks or to go to the reception area and services for motorhomes in Thiel-sur-Acolin (3km from the PAL) or at the campsite Municipal Dompierre-sur-Besbre (6 km from the PAL).

  • What about the Le PAL Run?

    To date, The PAL Run has been postponed to the opening of the 2022 season.

  • How to activate / deactivate notifications?

    In the menu, click on "Settings" then "Receive today's notifications".

  • I cannot activate geolocation on iOS

    In your phone settings, go to the "Privacy" tab then "Location services" then "Safari sites" and allow "When the app is active" notifications. Go back to the application settings, you can now activate geolocation.

  • How to display different categories on the map?

    When you are on the map, click on the magnifying glass at the bottom right of the screen and select or deselect the categories or special areas you want.

  • I cannot move on the map

    If you are on the map and cannot move around the map, check that no patch is open on your map. If so, click on the pad again to close it. You can now move around the map.

  • What is the time displayed on attractions / restaurants?

    Three displays are possible on the attraction / restaurant thumbnails:

    1. a time, for example "25 minutes", which corresponds to the waiting time
    2. the word "closed" which means that the attraction / restaurant is temporarily closed
    3. nothing on display, which means there is usually very little wait at the attraction / restaurant

  • I can't find the app on the stores, is this normal?

    The Le PAL app is currently not on the Android and iOS stores.
    To download it, simply go to the Le PAL application page and follow the download tutorial.

  • When I open the app, a blank page appears and I can't do anything.

    If you already have the Le PAL app on your phone and a blank page appears when you open, you need to uninstall the app and reinstall it.

  • I just re-downloaded the app but the blank page is still showing.

    If even after reinstallation a blank page still appears, you must delete your browsing data.

    To do this, follow the instructions below depending on the browser you are using:

    NB: be careful to do the manipulation at the level of the browser in question

    Chrome cover: In the Chrome application

    1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Chrome Chrome app.
    2. In the top right corner, tap More.
    3. Touch History then Clear browsing data.
    4. At the top, choose a period. To remove everything, select All time periods.
    5. Check the boxes next to the "Cookies and site data" and "Cached images and files" options.
    6. Touch Clear data.

    For Firefox:

    1. Open the browser.
    2. Go to “Settings” at the top right.
    3. Choose “Erase private data”
    4. Select "Cache" in the dialog box that appears.
    5. Click on the “Clear Data” command which is now available at the bottom right.

  • In this particular period are the restaurants of the stays open?

    The Le Tanganika and Le Victoria restaurants are normally open in accordance with government recommendations. We have provided you with hydroalcoholic gel at the entrance to each buffet so that everyone can help themselves and enjoy themselves without too many constraints.

  • Is the luggage room accessible all day?

    PAL Lodges

    When you arrive at the PAL Lodges, we will take care of your luggage which will be deposited in your Lodge from 4:00 p.m., the time at which you have your Lodge, during this time the luggage is stored at the Lodges Reception.
    On the day of your departure, your suitcases will be collected from 11:00 am at the Reception of the Lodges until the time of your departure. Luggage storage in the Lodges is available from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

    At PAL Savana RESERVE

    We do not have a baggage service, we remind you that your baggage must remain in your vehicle until you take possession of your suite and be returned to your car at 11:00 am on the day of your departure.

    However, if you have to leave medication or medication, Savana RESERVE Reception will take care of these items in an office.

  • How is the reservation of the stay gift box?

    When you offer a stay gift box, the person who received the box contacts us to define a stay date during the current season. If we are unable to find a date of stay, the stay gift box is postponed to the following season.

  • Can we choose to start with a night or a day at the park?

    When you book a stay, you have the option of either starting your stay with a day at the park, or starting your stay with a night and then enjoying the park the next day. In the booking simulator, the offers are named according to the type of stay:

    • If the title of the offer begins with "day": you start with a day at the park and then take advantage of the accommodation
    • If the title of the offer begins with "night": you start with one night in our accommodation and then enjoy the park the next day

  • If I cannot come to the park because I am unable to attend, will my stay be reimbursed?

    Our stays are not refundable unless you take out cancellation insurance. This covers in the event of illness, death, COVID, professional impediment, etc.

    Find the details of the holiday cancellation contract.

  • Are park entrances included?

    In the Southern Summer offer, entry to the entire park is included.

    In the Indian Summer offer, only entry to the animal park is included, as the attractions are closed at this time of year.

  • How can I collect my tickets?

    As your tickets are included in your stay reservation, all you have to do is go directly to the reception of your accommodation. No tickets are needed, you will need your room access card to access the park, which will be provided to you by reception upon your arrival.

  • If I start with a day at the park, where do I go?

    When you have booked a stay, you must always go to the reception of your accommodation as soon as you arrive.