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All the questions

Find all the questions that Palou asked himself during his visit to Le PAL park

  • When is the park open?
  • Are there lockers?
  • Are dogs accepted?
  • Are there ATMs?
  • When can I come without too many people?
  • Where can I find the park plan?
  • Can I download individual or group documentations?
  • How long does it take to visit the entire park?
  • Can I leave the park during the day and return as many times as I want?
  • If I lose an object where should I go?
  • Can I film inside the park attractions?
  • Do attractions work when it's raining?
  • I am pregnant, do I have priority access?
  • Are attractions accessible to pregnant women?
  • Can I buy my tickets in advance?
  • What are the payment methods accepted at the checkout counters?
  • I can pay in Holiday Vouchers?
  • I have an electric car where can I recharge it?
  • What are the conditions of access to the attractions?
  • Can I picnic?
  • Can I rent an electric scooter?
  • I have a recognized disability, do I have priority access to attractions?
  • I have a disability card, do I have a special rate?
  • Can we rent strollers in the park?
  • What are the park's schedules?
  • Are there special rates (student, senior / retired, military, pregnant, large family, disabled)?
  • What are group rates?
  • What does the ticket price include?
  • I have a large body or I am very muscular, am I sure to ride in the attractions?
  • I bought my ticket on the internet but I do not have a printer, what should I do?
  • Is it possible to pay in restaurant vouchers at catering outlets?
  • Is there a place to change babies?
  • What does the price of a stay include?
  • Do I have priority access to the entrance?
  • Do I have to queue if I have a temporary disability (limb in a cast, RQTH or other)?
  • I am very tall, do I have access to all the attractions?
  • Do I need a health pass to come to the park?
  • What are the barrier gestures to follow during my visit?
  • I have a long-term affection (LTA), what are the conditions of access to park activities?
  • What are the opening hours of the ticket offices?
  • WHAT ARE THE TIMETABLES Of the attractions?
  • Are there parking spaces reserved for people with reduced mobility?
  • Is the parking fee?
  • If my child gets lost in the park, who should I talk to?
  • Are accommodation accessible to people with reduced mobility?
  • Am I allowed to come to the park with my autonomous vehicle? For entry into the park, only electric or manual wheelchairs are accepted.
  • How to book a stay in Le Pal's lodges or Savana RESERVE?
  • Can I park with my motorhome?
  • How to activate / deactivate notifications?
  • I cannot activate geolocation on iOS
  • How to display different categories on the map?
  • I cannot move on the map
  • What is the time displayed on attractions / restaurants?
  • I can't find the app on the stores, is this normal?
  • When I open the app, a blank page appears and I can't do anything.
  • I just re-downloaded the app but the blank page is still showing.
  • Is the luggage room accessible all day?
  • How is the reservation of the stay gift box?
  • Can we choose to start with a night or a day at the park?
  • If I cannot come to the park because I am unable to attend, will my stay be reimbursed?
  • Are park entrances included?
  • How can I collect my tickets?
  • If I start with a day at the park, where do I go?
  • Would I have seen on the animals whether I was at the Lodges or at the Savana RESERVE?
  • At Savana RESERVE, is the view different depending on the room?
  • Do the rooms have a refrigerator?
  • Which car park should I go to when I have a reservation in the accommodation?
  • Can we buy cigarettes in the park?
  • What are the arrival and access times to the park depending on the type of package?
  • Are sheets and towels provided?
  • How do I register my 2 year old child?
  • Are assistance dogs accepted at the park?
  • What is Babyswitch?
  • I need medical assistance, where should I go?
  • Do we have access to an internet connection in the park?
  • Can I do the attractions alone?
  • Is the park non-smoking?
  • I am visiting with people with disabilities, where can they take a shower or just change clothes?
  • Is there a visit plan adapted to people with disabilities?
  • Are children's bikes allowed in the park?