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Our little ones

Find all the questions Palou asked about the day with our little ones

  • Can we rent strollers in the park?

    We offer a stroller rental for €7 a day at the Comptoir de l'Ours shop, located at the park entrance. An ID will be requested and returned upon return of the stroller.

  • Is there a place to change babies?

    Yes, a change baby is installed in all toilets men and women of the park (except toilets Place de la Gaieté)

  • If my child gets lost in the park, who should I talk to?

    Any child found is taken to the the emergency station, located near the restaurant La Coupole.

    To avoid this kind of problem do not hesitate to tell him a meeting point which you will have agreed together. We offer free, at the park entrance at the control, white bracelets to clearly note the identity and a phone number on which we can reach you.

  • Are children's bikes allowed in the park?

    Only balance bikes whose parents can ensure, by their design, permanent control with a bar at the rear of the balance bike are authorized. Tricycles, bicycles and other vehicles driven independently by children are prohibited.