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Visiting tips

Find all the questions that Palou asked himself regarding visiting the park.

  • When can I come without too many people?

    For a comfortable visit during the weekends of Ascension and Pentecost, we strongly advise you to favor Saturday and Sunday for Ascension and Monday for Pentecost. On the period of August 15 we advise you to favor the less sunny days.

    To save time and access the park directly, without going to the checkouts of the entrance, you can buy your tickets online. With your smartphone, present your tickets directly without printing them.

  • How long does it take to visit the entire park?

    If you want to enjoy all the attractions, the animal park, as well as all the shows, two days will be necessary for the visit.

    For the visit of the animal park we offer you two formulas.

    • The long course which lasts about 3 hours
    • The short course which lasts about 1h30

    You can also not follow the routes and stroll as you please in the animal park.

  • Can I leave the park during the day and return as many times as I want?

    Yes, but before leaving the park you must stamp your hand, with the pads that are available just before the exit. Once stamped you can enter and exit all day long. However, your ticket may be required. Be careful, any unbuffered output is final.

  • If I lose an object where should I go?

    Lost items are systematically reported to the emergency station, located near the restaurant La Coupole.

  • Can I film inside the park attractions?

    It is strictly forbidden to film and photograph on board the attractions, this represents a danger for you and other visitors. This prohibition also applies to cell phones and selfie sticks. Only small cameras attached to the head, wrist or chest harness are authorized.

  • Can I picnic?

    The picnic is allowed in the park, a picnic area is located near the bus parking.

    In addition, several spaces have been created inside the park:

    • Behind the snack bar Le Virginien
    • Near Eurasian Lynx
    • At the La Rivière du Lion playground
    • Next to the Escadrille du Désert attraction
    • Between the area of ​​the Asian Elephants and the Red Pandas
    • Near the toilets of the Yukon Quad

    For information, please note that there are many restorations available inside the park (restaurant, self-service cafeteria, creperie, snack bar, sandwich shop)