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Disabled facilities

  • Can I rent an electric scooter?

    To facilitate your visit, electric scooters are rented: 20 € (all public) and 15 € on presentation of the disability card 80% or disability mobility inclusion card. A deposit of 100 € (bank check) will be required. When you arrive at the PAL, contact the info point located to the left of the entrance.

    Beware, scooters are limited in number.

    These scooters are only rented for medical reasons.

    Namely, the maximum allowable weight for electric scooters is 130kg.

  • I have a disability card, do I have a special rate?

    Since 2017, PAL has been labeled Tourisme et Handicap for motor, mental, auditory and visual impairments.

    You are the holder of the 80% mobility disability inclusion card, you benefit from a €4 discount on the full price of the PAL for 1 day, upon presentation of your card at the checkout counters. We offer you an entrance ticket for the price of:

    • Adult (from 10 years old): €30
    • Children up to 9 years old included: €25
    • Free for children under one meter

    For the visually impaired, we grant a free entry for an escort.

  • Do I have priority access to the entrance?

    Yes, if you are the holder of the mobility inclusion disability 80% card.

    Go to checkout #1 to purchase your ticket.

    Go to Control #12 at the entrance to the park and ask for a blue bracelet by presenting your card.

  • I have a recognized disability, do I have priority access to attractions?

    When you arrive at the park entrance, you must present your disability card, priority card or mobility inclusion card, to the ticket inspector.

    A blue bracelet will be given to you as well as a plan of the park indicating all the conditions of access and accompaniment to facilitate your visit (all the attractions except the Voyage over the World and the Rapido have a priority access)

    According to the attractions the number of companions is limited and is indicated on this plan of visit.

    This priority access is also granted to people with autism. Thank you for notifying the ticket controller to give a blue bracelet to the autistic person.

  • Are there parking spaces reserved for people with reduced mobility?

    Yes, parking is reserved for people with reduced mobility in front of the check-in counters (about 30 places)

  • Am I allowed to come to the park with my autonomous vehicle? For entry into the park, only electric or manual wheelchairs are accepted.

    Electric scooters are rented at a rate of €20 and wheelchairs at a rate of €6

  • Are accommodation accessible to people with reduced mobility?

    • Three Lodges are accessible to people with reduced mobility.
    • Three rooms at the Savana RESERVE are accessible to people with reduced mobility.

  • Are assistance dogs accepted at the park?

    Guide dogs (in training or confirmed) and assistance dogs for people with disabilities are accepted and can therefore accompany their masters throughout their day at the PAL. However, they cannot board any attractions or attend parrot performances.