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Stays of PAL

  • What does the price of a stay include?

    In the austral summer, the price per person includes:

    • Entrance to the park (amusement park and animal park)
    • Dinner (drinks not included)
    • The night
    • Breakfast

    In the indian summer, the price per person includes:

    • Dinner (drinks not included) 
    • The night
    • Breakfast
    • Entrance to the animal park (closed attractions)
    • Lunch (drinks not included) 

  • How to book a stay in Le Pal's lodges or Savana RESERVE?

    In a setting as exceptional as it is original, Le PAL invites you to extend your stay to live the unforgettable experience of a night in the heart of the savannah or in the middle of the great lakes!

    To stay at PAL Lodges you can book directly by phone by contacting the Lodges reception on 04 70 48 72 00

    To stay at Savana RESERVE you can book directly by phone by contacting the Lodges reception on 04 70 48 72 62



  • Is the luggage room accessible all day?

    PAL Lodges

    When you arrive at the PAL Lodges, we will take care of your luggage which will be deposited in your Lodge from 4:00 p.m., the time at which you have your Lodge, during this time the luggage is stored at the Lodges Reception.
    On the day of your departure, your suitcases will be collected from 11:00 am at the Reception of the Lodges until the time of your departure. Luggage storage in the Lodges is available from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

    At PAL Savana RESERVE

    We do not have a baggage service, we remind you that your baggage must remain in your vehicle until you take possession of your suite and be returned to your car at 11:00 am on the day of your departure.

    However, if you have to leave medication or medication, Savana RESERVE Reception will take care of these items in an office.

  • How is the reservation of the stay gift box?

    When you offer a stay gift box, the person who received the box contacts us to define a stay date during the current season. If we are unable to find a date of stay, the stay gift box is postponed to the following season.

  • Can we choose to start with a night or a day at the park?

    When you book a stay, you have the option of either starting your stay with a day at the park, or starting your stay with a night and then enjoying the park the next day. In the booking simulator, the offers are named according to the type of stay:

    • If the title of the offer begins with "day": you start with a day at the park and then take advantage of the accommodation
    • If the title of the offer begins with "night": you start with one night in our accommodation and then enjoy the park the next day

  • If I cannot come to the park because I am unable to attend, will my stay be reimbursed?

    Our stays are not refundable unless you take out cancellation insurance. This covers in the event of illness, death, COVID, professional impediment, etc.

    Find the details of the holiday cancellation contract.

  • Are park entrances included?

    In the Southern Summer offer, entry to the entire park is included.

    In the Indian Summer offer, only entry to the animal park is included, as the attractions are closed at this time of year.

  • How can I collect my tickets?

    As your tickets are included in your stay reservation, all you have to do is go directly to the reception of your accommodation. No tickets are needed, you will need your room access card to access the park, which will be provided to you by reception upon your arrival.

  • If I start with a day at the park, where do I go?

    When you have booked a stay, you must always go to the reception of your accommodation as soon as you arrive.