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Stays of PAL

  • What does the price of a stay include?
  • How to book a stay in Le Pal's lodges or Savana RESERVE?
  • Is the luggage room accessible all day?
  • How is the reservation of the stay gift box?
  • Can we choose to start with a night or a day at the park?
  • If I cannot come to the park because I am unable to attend, will my stay be reimbursed?
  • Are park entrances included?
  • How can I collect my tickets?
  • If I start with a day at the park, where do I go?
  • Would I have seen on the animals whether I was at the Lodges or at the Savana RESERVE?
  • At Savana RESERVE, is the view different depending on the room?
  • Do the rooms have a refrigerator?
  • Which car park should I go to when I have a reservation in the accommodation?
  • Can we buy cigarettes in the park?
  • What are the arrival and access times to the park depending on the type of package?
  • Are sheets and towels provided?
  • How do I register my 2 year old child?