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Catering and services

  • Are there lockers?

    Yes, paying instructions are available at the entrance of the park, just after the ticket check.
    Rates are €2 or €3 per day depending on the size of the day.

  • Are dogs accepted?

    Only guide dogs (in training or confirmed) and assistance dogs for disabled people are accepted and can therefore accompany their masters throughout their day at the PAL. However, they cannot board any attractions or attend the parrot performance.

    All other domestic animals are prohibited in the park as well as in the PAL LODGES and at the PAL Savana RESERVE. If necessary, 1 paid kennel located in Thiel-sur-Acolin (5 minutes from the park) can accommodate your pet. For more information you can contact La pension de la Terre du Milieu on +33(0) 7 50 03 14 48.

  • Are there ATMs?

    A cash machine is at your disposal in the center of the park, near the restaurant La Coupole.

  • Where can I find the park plan?

    Find the map of the park on our website.

    Upon your arrival at the PAL, at the control, a detailed visit plan and indicating the different times of the shows will be given to you.

  • Can I download individual or group documentations?

    You can download our different documentation by clicking below: