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Catering and services

  • Are there lockers?

    Yes, paying instructions are available at the entrance of the park, just after the ticket check.
    Rates are €2 or €3 per day depending on the size of the day.

  • Can I picnic?

    The picnic is allowed in the park, a picnic area is located near the bus parking.

    In addition, several spaces have been created inside the park:

    • Behind the snack bar Le Virginien
    • Near Eurasian Lynx
    • At the La Rivière du Lion playground
    • Next to the Escadrille du Désert attraction
    • Between the area of ​​the Asian Elephants and the Red Pandas
    • Near the toilets of the Yukon Quad

    For information, please note that there are many restorations available inside the park (restaurant, self-service cafeteria, creperie, snack bar, sandwich shop)

  • Can we rent strollers in the park?

    We offer a stroller rental for €7 a day at the Comptoir de l'Ours shop, located at the park entrance. An ID will be requested and returned upon return of the stroller.

  • Is it possible to pay in restaurant vouchers at catering outlets?

    Tickets Restaurants are not accepted in the park. On the other hand, Chèques Vacances are accepted in all the restaurants of the park.

  • Is there a place to change babies?

    Yes, a change baby is installed in all toilets men and women of the park (except toilets Place de la Gaieté)

  • Can I download individual or group documentations?

    You can download our different documentation by clicking below: