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Stop the invasion...

Funny mushrooms!

Opening on April 29, 2023

On the way for an original interactive experience! Embark aboard an 6-seater vehicle and individually measure your skill in a fierce fight to put an end to the invasion of funny mushrooms, rather cute, not very clever, but very invasive... An adventure full of twists and turns to share with the family or with friends.

Driven from their forest by industrial pollution, the stressed fungi multiply at breakneck speed, approach the city and threaten to invade it. Visitors have the mission to put an end to this crazy reproduction of mushrooms... To put an end to this spectacular invasion, passengers must shoot the mushrooms with their guns, which has the effect of imprisoning them in blocks of ice and to make them disappear. Here is an adventure full of twists to share with family or friends, where everyone can measure their skill.

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