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A magical journey over Le PAL

A trip through the sky for the whole family

Take your seat on the Swing Ride and take off for an amazing adventure! With your legs dangling beneath you and your head in the clouds, take in the sweeping views of Le PAL.

This light blue- and gold-coloured ride is Baroque in style, with paintings of animals wearing gentlemen’s fashion, including the bourgeois bear! To add to its elegance and appeal, it is surrounded by a superb French-style Garden and an extravagant water feature called the féérie des eaux.

In the circular pool, fountains ripple, rise and fall with the movement of the merry-go-round. A little classical music adds to the poetic feel of the whole thing.

Come and discover the Swing Ride when you get to the park, which lies between the Azteka and the Le PAL Stud Farm attractions. "Turn, fly, faster, higher" through the sky, a delightful trip up high for the whole family, whatever their age!

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At Le PAL 30 attractions for the family

Attractions for young and old: Yukon Quad, Twist, Mine train, Sun Disk, Dynamik Cinema in 3D, the Canadian River, the PAL stud farm, the Desert Squadron ... for a good dose of sensation.

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