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Known locally as the “corocoro roja”, the scarlet ibis is a sociable bird and lives in colonies that can contain several thousand individualssuffered from in.It has tense poaching for its feathers, which are primarily red with blueish-black tips. The scarlet ibis has been protected for se veral years in some countries (since 1955 in Surinam).

Two sub-species of scarlet ibis can be found from Florida to Brazil, including the Pacific coast of Central America and the Greater Antilles.

Reproduction takes place at the height of the rainy season, from March to July. After a short period of courtship, the scarlet ibis builds a rudimentary nest. Its offspring have a black back and white front and only become fully red at the age of two. The scarlet ibis can interbreed with other species from the same genus such as the white ibis.

  • Habitat

    Mudflats, coastal lagoons, seafront mangroves

  • Food

    Mudflats, coastal lagoons and seafront mangroves

Did you know ?

Its colour is due to the carotenoids (pigments) found in its food, shellfish mainly.

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Scarlet ibis

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