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On the way to Norway to...

Face the Fjord Explorer Falls

In a brand new Scandinavian neighborhood, with colorful houses with green roofs on the edge of a lake, enjoy a leisurely ride aboard a boat which transforms into a dizzying aerial experience at nearly 30m in height before finish with a 20m fall into the lake... A nice dose of sensations and refreshing emotions for the whole family.

Dive into the heart of the Scandinavian peninsula and find the Fjord Explorer in the middle of a Nordic village, near the Archipelago. After facing the sensational Scandinavian Falls, you can calmly recover from your emotions by taking a break in the brand new snack bar near the attraction.

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At Le PAL 31 attractions for the family

Attractions for young and old: Yukon Quad, Twist, Mine train, Sun Disk, the Great North River, the PAL stud farm, the Desert Squadron ... for a good dose of sensation.

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