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The theme day: African animals

In the company of our trainers and the Le PAL Nature Foundation, Saturday July 2, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., in the Carnivore and Singerie sectors, meet our African animals.

Planned activities

To liven up this great theme day, many activities and artists await you. On the stand of Lily on the River you can discover her talents as a designer. A street art activity, led by Moulin artist Plume & Plomb will also be on offer. Finally, thanks to Pimpommette's participation in our theme day, your children will be able to paint their faces.

Participate in the conservation of chimpanzees

At the Le PAL Nature Foundation stand, you can find lots of cute eco-responsible goodies, enough to make nice gifts. All the funds collected during the day will be donated to the Papaye International association which fights for the safeguarding and protection of chimpanzees in the heart of the Douala/Edéa Natural Park in Cameroon.

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