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Discover the results of the 2023 Theme Days

A big thank-you !

During this year 2023, several Theme Days took place. Thanks to your participation, the Le PAL Nature Foundation was able to raise the total sum of €5,068.15 for conservation.

Theme Days in figures ? What does that give ?

Did you miss any news about our Theme Days ? We summarize everything for you.

  • Theme Days Evening of Nocturnes : this year, the Evening of Nocturnes launched the #season2023 in the company of the carnivorous and falconry sector. With more than 90 participants, the Evening of Nocturnes was a great success. Thank you to all the participants : thanks to you, we were able to collect €1,035 compared to €911.70 in 2022. A nice sum that the Le PAL Nature Foundation donated to the associations working for the protection of biodiversity in France and abroad.
  • Herbivores Theme Days : sunday june 18, 2023, the Herbivores Theme Day took place. Thanks to your participation, the Le PAL Nature Foundation was able to raise €828.42 for conservation.
  • Asia Theme Days : thanks to your participation, the Foundation collected €611.15 ! A nice sum which was entirely donated to the Stand Up 4 Elephants association. This works for the conservation of Asian Elephants in Nepal and the promotion of ethical tourism so as to no longer see holidaymakers on the backs of elephants.
  • Healer Theme Day : saturday july 29 was Healer Theme Day ! Thanks to this day, the Foundation was able to raise the sum of €129. Thank you to all participants !
  • Raptors Theme Days : following the Raptors Day on August 23, we were able to raise €523.27 for the LPO Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes - Auvergne Territorial Delegation.
  • Penguin Theme Days : during the Penguin Theme Day, the Le PAL Nature Foundation was able to raise the sum of €1,941.31 ! A record sum for theme days. This sum was then donated to the SANCCOB association, committed to the conservation and protection of South African seabirds, particularly threatened species, for the benefit of present and future generations.

Did you like our Theme Days ? Don’t miss our next meetings in 2024 !

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