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A look back at Foundation Day 2023

On October 8, 2023, the famous day of the Le PAL Nature Foundation took place. Don't know the concept yet ? Organized by the Le PAL Nature Foundation, only the animal park is open and many activities are organized exceptionally for the occasion.

All profits from this day are donated to the associations supported by the Le PAL Nature Foundation. And as this day cannot be achieved alone, this year, 300 volunteers were present and allowed you to experience a unique day !

Records broken !

This year, Foundation Day broke its record for fundraising... and visitors ! Nearly 7,600 entries were recorded ! So, we just wanted to say: THANK YOU !

Thanks to your participation in the various activities organized by the Le PAL Academy, the auction, the string game, and many others, the sum of €120,743 was collected ! A record sum which will allow the Le PAL Nature Foundation to advance the various conservation projects for which it is involved.

A #PALexciting adventure to enjoy with the family

The well-being of our planet is one of our main priorities, which is why a Sustainable Village is set up at the heart of the animal park and this year it brought together 28 associations.

There was also entertainment, dance shows, unmissable animal performances, a 100% winning raffle was also organized, which raised €2,079.

For the 2nd year in a row, we challenged you to plant 1000 trees ! Was the challenge successful ? Well, thanks to you, we planted 1003 trees ! Challenge met !

Foundation day in figures :


  • 7579 tickets sold
  • 300 volunteers including 90 from Anne de Beaujeu College
  • 1003 trees planted
  • 7 partners in the Plantation Space
  • 28 partners in the Sustainable Village
  • 8 buildings to visit
  • 2 conferences
  • 18 dancers from Temps Danse
  • 18 dancers from Country Shine 03
  • €1534.99 sale of bracelets
  • 290€ for the string game
  • €2,079 raised during the raffle
  • 85 items sold at the auction
  • €3,530 in auction sales including €420 thanks to 15 objects offered by the FabLab of Varennes
  • 83 children made up by Pimpommette
  • Profits of the day: €120,743
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