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Overcome challenges for conservation

Brave the storms to preserve nature

Consequences of storms

Over the past few months, the HELPSIMUS site has had to deal with tumultuous weather conditions. Storms and cyclones, Cheneso and Freddy, have profoundly damaged the association's areas of intervention. Although these events were less destructive than those of the previous year, they still had an impact on the daily activities of volunteers...

Major logistical obstacles

The daily rainfall since Freddy's passage has deteriorated the track, making the passage of logistics trucks difficult, if not impossible. This situation has created a real logistical nightmare for the HELPSIMUS teams, requiring adjustments and rapid adaptation.

Unwavering determination

Despite these obstacles, the determination of the volunteers has ensured the continuity of the various programs and projects supported by the Le PAL Nature Foundation. Despite logistical constraints, they are committed to maintaining their commitments to wildlife and the environment.

Thanks to the support of the Le PAL Nature Foundation, the HELPSIMUS team remains determined to face the difficulties, braving the storms to preserve nature and pursue their mission of protecting biodiversity.

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Alongside the PAL Nature Foundation and the Foundation's projects, you too can help save the greater bamboo lemurs in their natural habitat.

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