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learn more and respect the coasts

The CPIE Loire Océane

Each year in summer, the CPIE Loire Océane organizes awareness trips to the coast. In general, the public feels really concerned about the quality of the water and touched by the message that is conveyed. However, these walks, taking place only in the summer, do not reach many people. It was then that the CPIE Loire Océane had a rather ingenious idea ...

La Musette du Littoral

The objective was to create a tool "at the service of the discovery of the coast independently" and thus, to allow a better understanding and a better respect of this environment and this, all year round. So, the CPIE created La Musette du Littoral which was finalized in March 2021.

What is that ?

La Musette is a satchel in which there are accessories and activities that allow you to independently discover and understand the coastline, what it is made of and also its link with the upstream watershed.

These Musettes are suitable for all audiences and can be used all year round to reach as many people as possible. They can be found at the CPIE but not only, they will be accessible throughout the territory, in media libraries, libraries, leisure and holiday centers and in tourist offices.

What is it made up of?

3 booklets with:
  • Presentation map of the coastline and its link with the upstream watershed
  • Water quality information
  • Presentation of environments and their ecological wealth
  • Directory of activities (sensory, manual, scientific, etc.)
  • Focus on uses (recreational and professional fishing, marine farming, sports activities, etc.)
  • Focus "Citizen, I act on a daily basis"
Accessories :
  • Binoculars, 3-finger scraper, oyster knife, Cali-peach, magnifying glass, observation dish, small cloth bag, spray bottle, ...
  • Booklets and resource documents: guide "Preserving water quality, good daily habits" edited by Cap Atlantique, book "How to observe birds" (LPO).

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