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Our eaglet at the Aigles du Leman

In France, the white-tailed eagle nests on a solid tree in a quiet wood, sheltered from disturbance. The nest is refilled each year at the end of winter, the male bringing most of the materials while the female arranges the nest. At Les Aigles du Léman, the nesting area is located on a structure with a surface area of 4m2 and perched at a height of 5m in order to best approximate the natural needs of the species.

If both adults participate in brooding, it is generally the female who does most of it. The chicks (2 most of the time) are fed by the two adults although the male takes part more in the hunting and the female in the feeding. Parents bring prey to the nest mainly in the morning or at the end of the day. During this feeding period, the little PAL will need to eat around 800g of food (mainly fish) per day, while an adult white-tailed eagle will need 500g of fish or 300g of bird meat or mammals daily!

Once adult, the PAL will feed mainly on dead or alive fish, preferably measuring between 30 and 50 cm, as well as aquatic birds.

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