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A committed approach

An original awareness

Like all seasons, you will have the opportunity to support us by purchasing a € 2 bracelet after the various "sea lions" and "raptors" performances.

Once again this year, the Foundation wanted to work with a French company to reduce its carbon footprint. This company is NEOCOMBINE which manufactures our bracelets from used diving suits ...

And guess what? The OTARILAND suits are also recycled: the circle is complete!
You can also find these bracelets in all the shops (be careful, ask for them at the cash desk), at the reception of the Lodges and at the reception of the Savana.

Committed trainees

You probably noticed last season that someone was selling bracelets for the Foundation. Please note that these salespeople are above all “animal groomers” trainees who, in this way, also contribute to the protection of biodiversity!

A big THANK YOU to these committed trainees who sold more than 6,000 barcelets last year!

This year, the visual has changed and rhinos are in the spotlight!

Fill up on new things! Our last News

Births, new arrivals, new arrivals, tips, tricks, theme days ... Stay informed throughout the year of the latest news from the park. Your favorite park will no longer have any secrets for you!

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