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Current projects

Update on the progress of projects

The Network of Wildlife Care Centers brings together 17 wildlife care centers. This is an association that is supported by the Le PAL Nature Foundation for these actions. To date, the Network of Wildlife Care Centers has 3 projects in progress.

Changing regulations

  • To do this, they organized meetings with the Ministry of Ecological Transition and the French Biodiversity Office. These meetings made it possible to define priority areas, their scope for action, the expectations of the public authorities and possible collaborations with the OFB (the French Biodiversity Office)
  • They also reviewed the current regulations
  • They carried out audits of health centers. That is to say, they consulted all of the Network's health centers which then gave them feedback on the current regulations and what they would prefer in the future
  • Finally, they finalized a first document comprising a new regulatory text.

The development of training

  • For this they have defined specifications with the help of health centers
  • They exchanged with other training organizations with targeted wildlife programs such as ONIRIS for the training of veterinarians and EUROWA for the European oil removal training
  • They identified the necessary training modules as well as stakeholders
  • Finally, they met and discussed with 3 potential service providers for the technical implementation of this training.

Reform of the economic model of the centers

  • By holding meetings with the Ministry of Ecological Transition during which they discussed possible funding such as an amendment to create a fee allocated to health centers
  • They also mobilized parliamentarians to show them around the Network's different health centers. They worked with Loic Dombreval’s parliamentary group on the animal condition to move forward on a draft amendment
  • They drew up several costings of the needs and financing options.
  • Finally, they aim to finalize their draft amendment to be represented in the next Finance Law. They are working on the project with the help of the CAP association and the deputy Loic Dombreval.
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