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Dealing with the dry season in...

Financing a new pump

The dry season has started...

In Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park, the rainy season, which was very wet this year, has given way to the dry season. After only a few months, the heat is already drying out the area. The Mares de Hwange project, initiated by the Le Pic Vert association and coordinated by the PAL Nature Foundation, is currently encountering some difficulties. Indeed, if the solar pumps installed in the Bumbusi South pond have been performing for several years, their performance is beginning to decline. This is a big problem since many herds of elephants like to go there to drink.

The action of the association

Faced with this dilemma, the association wishes to drill a new borehole in the Bumbusi South pond. She would like to install a new pump to allow for better flow. Today, only a few thousand liters of water flow from it per day, which is too little for the welfare of the animals in the region.

The PAL Nature Foundation supports the project

Le Pic Vert has called on the PAL Nature Foundation to help finance this new project. Very happy to be able to continue the adventure, she made a generous donation of $11 114 to the association. Thanks to this sum, new drilling and pumping of the pond of Bumbusi South will be able to be carried out. A project that is close to the heart of our Foundation, since it will allow the preservation of local wildlife.

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