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Aid of € 10,000

The PAL Nature Foundation is committed to helping wildlife affected by fires in Australia

Having for vocation the conservation of the biodiversity and in particular of the threatened wild species as well as their habitat in the world, it is quite naturally that the FOUNDATION The PAL NATURE made a point of engaging with Australia, ravaged by the flames and the drought for a few weeks.

The PAL NATURE FOUNDATION supports the Australian Zoo and Aquarium Association (ZAA) with € 10,000 in aid. In fact, reports now estimate that more than a billion animals have been affected: injured, displaced, in need of food or habitat ...

As such, many zoos and animal parks members of the ZAA support wildlife care centers (rescue, care, rehabilitation, etc.). On the strength of its experience, the ZAA coordinates concerted action in response to the new needs in terms of rescue and rehabilitation of the wild fauna impacted by this disaster.

The effects of this crisis will require long-term support for the destroyed flora and fauna. This aid will help to respond to four major phases:

  • Rescue and rehabilitation of Australian wildlife to bring healthy rehabilitated animals into the wild
  • Restoration, rehabilitation and continuous improvement of the habitats of animals affected by drought and fires
  • Scientific research, focused on reassessing the status of species, habitat regeneration and other scientific projects
  • Maintaining activities to support a target species approved by the federal and / or state for conservation activities

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