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Save rhinos !

Victim of hunting, the destruction of its habitat, the extension of agriculture and urbanization, the decline of rhinoceros population in the world is unfortunately very important... To face it, Save The Rhino, project supported by the PAL Nature Foundation since 2016, is actively committed to the protection of rhinos in Africa and Asia.

A great fundraiser...

Because each action has a cost, each year the association calls on its partners to collect the funds necessary for its actions. Last year nearly £100,000 was raised thanks to the unique support of partner zoos. As the collection drew to a close, several last-minute donations made it possible to exceed this threshold of €113,000, a victory for conservation !

...that ensures the conservation of the rhinoceros in the world

What are these funds used for ? The collection allows the association to set up various actions to protect the rhinoceros in Asia and Africa. Vital equipment for underfunded rangers, support for anti-poaching patrols and canine units, building a new sanctuary for critically endangered rhinos in Asia... Each pound (Save The Rhino being an English charity) or euro collected is important!
Thus, it is thanks to the financial support provided by the 40 partner zoos (of which Le PAL be part via the Le PAL Nature Foundation), that Save The Rhino achieves the in-situ conservation of the rhinoceros !

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Support Save The Rhino!

Alongside the PAL Nature Foundation and the Foundation's projects, you too can help save rhinos in their natural habitat.

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