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Chupa 7 years old, gave birth to this baby after 6 months of gestation.

A small gelada female was born on February 11, 2017

A gelada female called Coumba was born on 11th February 2017 in the early morning. Its mother, Chupa, who is 7, gave birth to Coumba after a gestation period of 6 months.

Ciara, another female from the group, gave birth to a male called Selam on 26th February. They each weighed between 250 and 300g at birth.

Their father, Tim, 13, is the group's dominant male. Chupa and Ciara will be suckling their offspring until they reach the age of 2. 

This means that Le PAL now has a group of 11 geladas, which you'll be able to see from 15th April 2017.

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