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New in 2021

2 ostriches for the new African savannah

Until now, PAL had 4 female ostriches in the park. 2 female ostriches live on the great plain of PAL Lodges and 2 female ostriches take advantage of the brand new African savannah. On Monday March 29, Le PAL welcomed 2 new ostriches which will join the African savannah with the 2 females already present.

The 2 new ostriches are 9 year old females. They come straight from Villars les Dombes near Lyon. These 2 females arrived at PAL in order to enrich the 5 hectare plain and create more diversity in the animals presented.

Did you know ?

The male ostrich mainly broods at night because its black plumage helps it to camouflage itself. The female, gray, broods more frequently during the day.

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