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A project with 5 objectives

A doctoral student in search of an answer

Annaëlle Surreault-Châble's thesis is based on 5 objectives which seek to:

  1. Understand the nature and functioning of the social links of captive populations housed in zoos.
  2. To determine whether Asian elephants choose their food and learn their foraging and foraging behavior through social learning.
  3. Explore to what extent the particular traits (such as familiarity, age, gender, etc.) of the individuals involved in the interaction are prevalent for social learning.
  4. To assess the mechanisms governing social learning in elephants, among a variety of cognitive processes ranging from local facilitation and / or stimuli to imitation using 3 experiments.
  5. Investiguer le degré d’influence des soigneurs sur les éléphants pour comprendre la relation entre les humains et les éléphants.
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