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A thesis over 3 years

The PAL elephants are the center of attention!

Incredible luck

For a period of 3 years, doctoral student Annaëlle Surreault-Châble has the chance to complete her thesis on PAL elephants. In collaboration with the Ethology Cognition and Development Laboratory, the young woman tries to learn more about the role and importance of social relationships and learning in elephants.

The PAL elephant family

A large group of elephants is housed in the heart of #NaturePALpitante! Acra, the oldest is 50, Kavery is 38, her daughter Nina is 28, herself a mother to Tom, 8, and Jack born in May 2021. Upali, 27, is Jack's father. Parents are of the utmost importance for the learning of the little ones. They will be the first models for baby elephants in the choice of food, reproduction or even primary gestures. Play is particularly essential in learning since it will allow people to show social codes and limits.

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