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4 otters born on July 15, 2020

Le début d'une famille

Four otters were born at PAL on July 15th, the parents are Punk, 7 years old, the father, and Calie, 4 years old, the mother of which she was the first litter. They have been a loving couple since their meeting in December 2019.

“There have been no baby otters at PAL since 2007. Births are not uncommon but it is sometimes difficult to form a couple. We formed this couple in December 2019, we were impatient to see the babies born. On July 15 it was done, four babies were born " - Anne-Sophie, Otariland Manager

The birth took place in their catiches, a place of life where the young are raised in the wild, without human intervention, just video surveillance and a lot of discretion, especially for this first litter.

At birth, the mother can be very quickly disturbed and move the babies to put them in an inaccessible place. The healers therefore acted in a very limited way: only cleaning and placing food were allowed.

All are doing very well. The mum and dad ensure the smooth running of the little ones' lives. Otters love to play together in one of the stumps in the pen and spend most of their time sleeping.

Our goal is to build a family of otters of around 8-10 individuals, just as they would in the wild. From the moment the couple is formed, they can give birth to baby otters every 6 months or so!

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