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A new partnership

A Petit Mousse with a big plan

@unpetitmousse is the new partnership of the Le PAL Nature Foundation. This collaboration makes it possible to support this young brand in their ecological and ethical approach. The Le PAL Nature Foundation, being very committed to both the protection of animals and the preservation of biodiversity, wanted to help Fiona and Antoine, the creators of Mousse. This brand handcrafted solid soaps in a small workshop in Moulins, in Allier.

A limited edition not to be missed ! 

In addition to the soaps that will be used in PAL's new hotel, the Savana RESERVE, 5 limited edition copies have been created for you! There are currently only 2 copies left, each consisting of:

  • 1 animal sponsorship
  • 1 gourd The Le PAL Nature Foundation
  • 1 Le Pal Nature Foundation tote-bag
  • 1 Le Pal recycled NeoCombine diving suit bracelet
  • 1 otter plush in 100% recycled material
  • 2 solid soaps Foam for yourself
  • 1 third Mousse soap to offer

All this for only 70 euros. You can buy it now on their Ulule page.

I buy !

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