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A very inventive and very pleasant daily sea lion

Henry turns 11!

On Friday 19th July 2018, Henry celebrates his 11th birthday!

Fit as a fiddle and weighing 141 kg, Henry is a strapping fellow and the second-most dominant male seal in the herd, and you can see all of them during the Seal Ballet, which takes place at 4.15 pm every day when the park is open.

Henry is a highly inventive seal who is always very pleasant, and who loves spending time with his keepers, as well as with visitors, so don't forget to come and say hello to him outside show times as well.

He eats 5 kg of fish every day, but as today is a special day he's allowed a present of a lump of ice full of fish called sprats, which he loves, and which is for him alone to enjoy!

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