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And 1, and 2, and 3!

Pablo expands the family!

On November 29, 2021, Emile and Image our two hippopotamuses give birth to their third little set. A little male between 50 and 70kg at birth whose name is Pablo!

Pablo is in very good health. His father Emile is curious about him, however the little hippopotamus stays with his mother who will breastfeed him for the next 9 months.

Soon the discovery of the outside world...

Today, the hippos are in their winter building specially designed for this species (indoor pool, controlled ambient parameters (temperature, humidity).

As soon as the temperatures allow it, they will have free access between their building and an adjoining enclosure so that the little one can become familiar with the outside.

Around the month of March depending on the outside temperatures, the whole family will then be able to join its vast outdoor environment, in particular consisting of a lake specially fitted out for it in the heart of lush vegetation. With an area of ​​more than one hectare, it is the largest in Europe dedicated to this amphibian species.

The hippopotamus, a monitored species

The hippopotamus is a species classified as ESB (European StudBook) by EAZA. This is a less intensive species management program than an EEP, however it collects information on births, deaths, transfers between parks and provides advice or guidance for the optimal management of the species in question. .

What is an EEP (European Endangered species Program)?

It is a management program for the most threatened species in-situ (in their natural environment). This program is managed by a committee led by a coordinator who ensures the genetic monitoring of animals so that there is no risk of inbreeding and who implements sustainable management of individuals in the parks through recommendations. transfer, reproduction or non-reproduction.

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