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An ice cube filled with sprats

Ayleen turns 4!

On Friday 10th August Ayleen celebrates her 4th birthday!

Our little 87 kg seal is the second-youngest in the herd. Next comes Hans, who is a little under a year younger than her.

She joined the herd just over a year ago. At 4 years old she's still a baby, but from April 2019 she'll be joining the show, so you'll be able to see her when these take place. She's very curious and learns very fast, along with good old Henry, who had his 11th birthday last month.

Ayleen is very sweet but she's also a strong character. She's very difficult when it comes to food and is a rascal who doesn't like any old fish, and who just LOVES annoying her other pals!

For her birthday, Ayleen is allowed a lump of ice full of sprats that's been specially put together by her favourite keepers!

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