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Reservations open for the 2020 season!

In the shoes of a healer

Have you always been a fan of wild animals or do you want to offer a loved one an extraordinary and original activity? Discover the activity “Healer for a Day at the PAL”, alone or in duo, and step into the shoes of a healer. 3 hours of behind the scenes of the PAL and its animal space, the many secrets of which will be revealed to you! Accompanied by a specialist in the sector, you will be required to prepare meals, maintain the spaces and feed the animals. You will be able to observe them more intimately and you will remain in contact with them throughout the duration of the activity.

We offer 7 activities:

  • Marine animals: sea lions, seals, otters and penguins
  • Carnivores *: Asian lions, Sumatran tigers, Canadian wolves, meerkats and red pandas
  • Asian elephants
  • The emblematic *: hippos, giraffes, Asian lions, Asian elephants (non-exhaustive list)
  • Falconry: eagles, vultures, owls, owls and parrots
  • Herbivores *: giraffes, hippos, bush pigs and wallabies
  • Primates: chimpanzees, white-handed gibbons, lemurs and geladas

* activities also available in October, only for Lodges.

One of these activities interests you? So don’t hesitate, go to the “Healer for a Day” page and fill out the registration request form.

Hurry, places are very popular!

For larger groups

Are you a group of 3 to 10 people? we offer VIP at the Zoo, a 1.5 hour activity where you discover the backstage of chimpanzees, elephants and birds! The ideal activity to do with family or friends to leave with memories in your head!

Fill up on new things! Our last News

Births, new arrivals, new arrivals, tips, tricks, theme days ... Stay informed throughout the year of the latest news from the park. Your favorite park will no longer have any secrets for you!

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