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We need you !

Get rid of your branches for our elephants

We need you !

Our elephants are big eaters, did you know they ate up to 100kg of branches per day! Indeed, that's a lot of branches ... To meet their demand, we need you ...

Do you live 20 minutes away from the PAL? Do you have any tree branches listed in the table below? Then contact the PAL animal service on 07 88 94 82 54 or by email at

Warning ! We ask you to respect some rules:

  • the branches must be cut, fresh and measure 3m maximum and 10cm maximum diameter (except for Italian poplar)
  • they must be untreated
  • they must be accessible by truck
Good to know !

Our elephants have a preference for the branches of willow, birch, Italian poplars, oak, maple, hazel, corn, apple, hornbeam and bamboo.

If you cannot come and drop off the branches at PAL, we can come to your home for a minimum quantity of a dumpster.

List of tree branches that we accept

Hawthorn Alder Bamboo
Birch Sweet cherry Cluster cherry
Charm Chestnut * Oak *
Maple Ash Beech
Magnolia Corn Mulberry
Hazel Poplar Plane tree
Pear tree Apple tree Plum tree
Mountain Willow  

*in small quantities

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