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What does our application do?

Available for download on our website, many of you are not yet aware of all the features that make up our application. This is why we have concocted a top 10 features of the Le PAL application!

1. Create your favorites list

Do you have favorite attractions and animals and want to find them in one click?

Thanks to the Le PAL application, create a list of your favorites and save time. Click on the little heart next to each attraction and animal to list them in the same place.

2. Track live wait times at attractions

From the application, consult the waiting times of all our attractions from the interactive map. Based on the results, tailor your visit and head straight to your favorite attraction knowing how long it will take before boarding!

3. Don't get lost in the park anymore thanks to the route option

Are you afraid of getting lost in the middle of the attractions? From the interactive map, generate the itinerary and estimate the walking time between two attractions!

  1. Go to the interactive map and click on the itinerary logo at the bottom right
  2. Select the attractions you want to do
  3. Generate the route
  4. By activating geolocation you can easily find your way around the park and follow the route.
  5. On the way for maximum sensations!

4. Follow the path step by step…

In our animal park also follow the visit route from your smartphone! Go to the interactive map and click on the route logo again. Select the long visit route or the short visit route and discover our animals. Don't forget, to find your way around more easily, activate geolocation!

5. Locate areas for shelter and refreshment in one click

Throughout the park we have provided you with refreshment areas and several areas to shelter you from the sun and rain.
To find them easily, click on the small magnifying glass at the bottom right of our interactive map.

A little extra: activate your geolocation to see which area is closest to you!

6. Do not miss our animal presentations

Receive an alert to attend your favorite animal presentations and educational activities!

  1. Go to your account settings and allow notifications to be sent
  2. Click on the menu star at the bottom of the screen to access all the animations
  3. Turn on the bell for events you want to attend
  4. Before the animation starts, you will receive a notification.

7. Prepare your meals in advance

Our application also allows you to save time at mealtimes.

  1. From the list discover all the restaurants in the park and their menus
  2. For those who do not offer table service, a basket simulator* is available. Select your dish, your drink, your dessert, the quantity… then the simulator instantly calculates your order total.
  3. For the kiosks, La Coupole and Le Quai West the menus are available in PDF format.
  4. Present the basket you have prepared on your application when ordering.

*Caution! You can only order from our app. No online payment method is currently available.

8. Learn about our animals

During your visit to our animal park, from our application access the information sheets of our animals. To do this, click on the animal you are interested in from the interactive map or the list. They are available anywhere and anytime!

9. Stay informed of our latest news

Thanks to the application follow all the news of the park from your smartphone. In the menu of the application are listed our latest news and those of the Le PAL Nature Foundation.

10. Whatever you need, you will find it on our app

Toilets, stays and accommodation, WI-FI points, shops... Thanks to the magnifying glass of our interactive map, you can easily visualize where the nearest place that interests you is located. For even more accuracy, enable geolocation.

Our application no longer holds any secrets for you. So what are you waiting for install it!

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How do I install my Le PAL application?

Our application is available for free download from our website. For smartphones running Android, the application can be downloaded from GooglePlay. For IOS versions, follow the tutorial available on the site.

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