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Ergonomics within the PAL

At the beginning of February, 15 students in Master 1 Ergonomics from the University of Clermont-Ferrand were present at the park. These students are future ergonomists involved in professional environments. This profession aims to improve work in all its dimensions: human, technical, organizational, taking into account those who do the work on a daily basis with the aim of developing efficiency and health.

A week of immersion

The students stayed on the park for a week as part of their training. This week allowed students to experience an immersive intervention in the company. It was their first steps in business as an ergonomist in training supervised by 2 teachers. The week broke down as follows:

  • on Monday the students were received by Mr. Cambon, Director of Operations who presented the structure to them. The benefit of this intervention made it possible to have a "fresh look" at the organization of the company. The promotion was then divided into 5 sub-groups in different sectors. In these sectors, the students have built with the teams and their middle management a local demand, a starting point allowing them to find a concrete use for the “fresh look” in each sector.
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: the students spent time analyzing the work on the sectors. This is the heart of the ergonomics work methodology: observing and discussing with the teams the concrete issues of their work.
  • Friday: all of this work was the subject of a restitution in the presence of the Director of Operations, members of the CSSCT commission and the teams engaged for each sector. This restitution made it possible to offer this “fresh look”: a vision shared with the various actors of the problems of work with possible avenues for improvement.

A first experience in a professional environment

This remains a pedagogical action and this work has its limits. It cannot replace the work of an intervention by a professional, but makes it possible to question, to launch a dynamic, to offer new insights... For the students, this week was a great opportunity for them to start the ordeal as contributors and make attempts while being useful to a structure… Which really worked at PAL, the different teams having really committed themselves to this process and to sharing their profession.

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