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Aquatic, sensational and aerial

Thrilling attractions !

An aquatic outing for your little tribe

  1. Alligator Baie : In the heart of Louisiana, a naval battle party is organized on the park. Families clash aboard ships equipped with water cannons. It will be necessary to wet the shirt to defend your crew!
  2. La Rivière Canadienne : Young and old board our giant logs. After sailing on the river, they race down our dizzying Canadian waterfall. A refreshing attraction if a bit splashy...
  3. Le Lac des Chercheurs d'Or : Would you like a calm and relaxing stroll on the water? With a view of our attractions, together board a raft made of logs for a beautiful ride punctuated by a pretty aquatic ballet.
  4. Le Rapido : First to finish wins! We'll meet you at Rapido for a splashy inflatable boat race. Alone or in pairs, descend our water slides at the vertiginous slope as quickly as possible. An attraction from which you will come out soaked with good memories...
  5. La Descente du Colorado : Red, orange, yellow, green or blue, choose your buoy and cruise the rapids of the wild Colorado River. Between a virulent waterfall and an astonishing cave, share a surprising family adventure... If you're lucky, you'll come out dry!

For sensational memories

  1. Les Tasses Magiques : It's tea time in the wonderland of the giants! The whole family sits in the Tasses Magiques o share a waltz. You decide the rhythm, but what is certain is that this dance will make your head spin...
  2. Le Bateau Pirate : Moussaillons, our Bateau Pirate Ship is waiting for you! Install your crew to port or starboard and off you go, heading for new lands. This tough galleon takes on the most dangerous waves and swings 180° on a stormy sea! Brace yourself, because the expedition could well make you seasick...
  3. Le Tigre de Sibérie : Our must-have Tigre de Sibérie goes on the hunt! Climb on its back and hold on tight because the journey will not be easy... Dizzying descents and breathtaking bends await young and old to fill up on sensations.
  4. Le Train des Aventuriers : Like Palou, become an explorer! The PAL company invites you to Victoria station to embark on a crazy adventure. Some turbulences could well disrupt the trip... but nothing alarming. In any case, the crossing of the lake and the breathtaking landscapes will make an amazing trip for the whole family!
  5. Les Caravelles : Show your children your skills as a sailor aboard the Caravelles. Sail, hair in the wind, to the rhythm of the ocean swell. Forward or backward, the wind will choose the direction your boat will take!

A walk in the areas for the whole family

  1. Le Voyage au-dessus du Monde : After having filled up on sensations, take a break in our attraction the Voyage au-dessus du Monde. Take to the skies and share a gentle monorail journey from the treetops. The opportunity for your tribe to rediscover our park.
  2. Les Ailes du Yukon : Have you ever flown in hang glider? With this family roundabout, take control of your sail. Settle into the hull of your aircraft with your mate for a sensational ride. Raise, lower, and bank as much as you want - you're in control!
  3. Les Chaises Volantes : Choose your chair and take off for a magical journey above the PAL. To a baroque tune, our merry-go-round takes you through the enchanting universe of the French Gardens. Young and old will love it!
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