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A departure that announces a nice arrival

A hushed arrival

A departure that announces a nice arrival

After a few years at PAL, Ascari and Maleo our two snow leopards have grown up well. When they reached adulthood, the two brothers could no longer live together on the same territory. Indeed, snow leopards are the species of panthers that live more in pairs than other panthers. We had to separate them so that they could each have their own territory. March 8, 2019, was a very special woman's day for PAL. Malaya, a young snow leopard female, has arrived at the PAL.

An arrival with felted steps

Born June 24, 2017, Malaya is a very young panther. At the Zoo du Bassin d'Arcachon where she was born, she lived with her parents and her brother. But arriving at the age when she had to fly on her own, we welcomed her to the PAL. Malaya is an extremely discreet panther and according to her former healers, once she is comfortable, he is a very playful panther. On the other hand, a little timid with the healers which is explained very easily by his young age, she is only a year and a few months.

Today, she is still not in contact with Maleo, because she is very shy and not very expressive at the moment. She goes out into her pen to spot the places. Maleo, he felt it and he knows that she does not show himself to him. He is curious but calm and very patient.


Will you come to watch the appearance of our couple in the middle of dense and lush vegetation? In your photos, we are impatient to discover your most beautiful shots! Share them on our Facebook page.

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