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A whole new species

The rhinos have arrived

Three young male rhinos arrive at the park this year to join the new Savannah, accompanied by Rothschild giraffes, nyalas and Grévy's zebras.

Rhinos from various origins ...

Thursday, December 10, 2020, Le PAL welcomed 2 first white rhinos.

  • Mac, a young male born November 12, 2017, from Dublin Zoo
  • Alan, another young male born December 13, 2017 from Costwold Wildlife in Buford

Friday, December 11, 2020, the last male white rhino arrived at PAL

  • Malabar, born May 7, 2017 from the Peaugres zoo

Separated at the start, they will be together in a few days and will create a strong bond very quickly.

An important conservation program

With the arrival of white rhinos, PAL is participating in the European conservation program which aims to develop their genetic heritage in animal parks. Future reintroductions in the natural environment will be possible if necessary one day.
This species is threatened in its natural environment, in particular by poaching and the destruction of its habitat. By presenting this emblematic species of the African continent, one of the main objectives of the park is to raise public awareness about the conservation of biodiversity.
The Le PAL Nature Foundation works in Southern Africa to protect rhinos. She supports the association "Save the Rhino" which fights against poaching. In Zimbabwe, it operates in the large Hwangue National Park. Covering an area of ​​15,000 km2, it is populated by a very rich fauna, including white rhinos. The Le PAL Nature Foundation equips the many natural ponds that dot the park with pumps to keep them level even during periods of severe drought. The Foundation's pumps now cover an area of ​​3,500 km2 and save thousands of animals every year.

New facilities to welcome our animals

In April 2021, the new Le Savana RESERVE accommodation offer will be launched. Thematic accommodation with the promise of a change of scenery and immersion in the heart of the savannah and wildlife. We will find white rhinos, Rothschild giraffes, antelopes, Grévy's zebras and many different birds such as cranes.
Animal welfare has been a primary objective in the design of the facilities and the arrangement of the outdoor environments. Spacious, bright and wood-heated buildings were built in accordance with the park's responsible approach (international certification for sustainable tourism Green Globe). Paddocks as well as a 5 hectare wooded savannah has been set up so that rhinos can evolve in the best possible conditions with other species.

We look forward to seeing you on April 10, 2021 to come and observe our white rhinos as well as all the species present in the new Savannah of the park.

In the meantime, stay tuned and we'll get back to you very soon!

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