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The long-banded panther

From April 13, 2024, you will be able to meet our 2 clouded leopards.


Earth, is a 15 year old female born in AL BUSTAN (United Arab Emirates), she weighs approximately 13/15kg. Confident with a lot of character, she prefers to hide and rest in nest boxes, out of sight. As soon as the weather is nice, Earth takes the opportunity to sunbathe!


Sao, the male, is 10 years old born in Howletts in England, he weighs around 23kg. Rather calm and patient by nature, Sao prefers to rest on the highest platforms.

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Clouded leopards are found in Asia, mainly in forests or “shrubland” where the vegetation is rather intermediate (shrubs, shrubs), up to 3500m altitude.

They are very good climbers and go into trees to hide from predators, but they most often move on the ground. Carnivores, clouded leopards mainly feed on rodents, monkeys, birds, pangolins, and pig deer.

And conservation?

Classified as vulnerable with a decreasing population in the natural state, their numbers are between 3700 and 5580 individuals. For this reason, a European program was created bringing together different zoological parks to work on the ex-situ conservation of this species.


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