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A lion in great shape

After long adventures, Timbi is doing much better

In April, during the broadcast of the report "100 days with the PAL animals" you discovered that our male lion, Timbi had some concerns. On this occasion we had brought in an osteopath.

Today, Timbi is doing much better!

This summer we were allowed to keep him away if we felt he was too tired to be in the pen all day. This never happened, although some evenings he would come home tired from his day, but one night's sleep and it was good to go!

We kept him in a building for a few nights, but never alone because it is by being separated from the others that he hurts himself the most because he spins constantly and does not rest.

He was nevertheless separated from the females on July 20 because we re-performed a comfort anesthesia with the presence of the 2 osteopaths in order to take stock of his evolution.

Today we did our best for him but showed no signs of pain.

He kept limp front and back that we can probably never get rid of now. They will be his sequel to this crazy story ...

We remain vigilant to the big changes of seasons and the weather which can make the ground slippery and cause it to fall and also to the evolution of his gait especially with the advance of his age.

Timbi is still with the group, made up of 2 females and his 2 daughters. He eats and drinks normally and still plays as much but simply less quickly.

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