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A useful and ecological approach…

Drop off your branches for the animals!

Are you planning to prune the trees or hedges in your garden? Do you want to do a useful and ecological good deed for the PAL animals? Do you have fresh branches with or without leaves from the list below? So contact us by email at or by phone at 04 70 42 02 52 and drop off the branches directly at the park for the giraffes, elephants, parrots and many other animals to enjoy!

Warning ! We ask you to respect a few rules, the branches must be:

  • fresh
  • untreated

In the event that you cannot move, we travel a maximum of 20km around the park (30km if and only if we have a loading aid with a tractor), but the branches must be:

  • accessible by dump truck
  • measure 3m maximum
  • easily handled, gathered in piles
  • a minimum quantity of a dumpster

Please let us know:

  • Your full mailing address (we don't travel more than 20km)
  • Your phone number to get back to you
  • One or more photos of the pile of branches
  • The essence of the branches
  • If you have the possibility to help us load the branches (by hand or with a tractor or manoscope) or to deliver them directly to us
  • The quantity of branches we can move to your location for a minimum quantity of one dumpster

List of tree branches we accept

Alder Bamboo Banana tree
Birch Charm Chestnut*
Oak* Country maple Ash
Beech But Mulberry**
Hazel Poplar Plane tree
Pear tree Apple tree plum tree
Willow Linden  

*in small quantities ** delivery only

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