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A place for preservation...

...lack of resources

The missions of the center

The SANCOOB Cape Town center treats and rehabilitates around 600 Cape penguins injured or affected by pollution before reintroducing them into their natural habitat. However, some cannot be released. The center also trains trainees in animal care for 3 to 6 months.

An extraordinary organization

The center is organized efficiently, with enclosures adapted to the needs of each animal and direct access to a pool for each enclosure. However, the association lacks the financial and human resources to renovate the buildings and obtain enough volunteers to achieve the conservation of the species.

Typical day of a volunteer

A typical day for a volunteer starts with feeding, which takes about 4 hours. The rest of the day is devoted to cleaning the enclosures and premises. Each week, certain animals are released after a careful analysis of their state of health. The penguins return to their original colony after being transported by pick-up in a box. On certain days, the center welcomes abandoned penguins and chicks, which are treated and cared for before being placed in an enclosure adapted to their needs.

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