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A wish fulfilled…

New for the 2020 season!


After a very good 2019 season and the arrival of 620,000 visitors, Le PAL wanted to respond to a strong demand from families for attractions for the little ones. After the Yukon Quad in 2018, perfect for thrill seekers, the Yukon Wings appeared in 2019 to the delight of the whole family. The younger ones in turn hoped for the arrival of an attraction that would be specially dedicated to them. In 2020, it is not one, but two attractions for toddlers entering the park.

An American truck crossing

Children can take a seat aboard their large trucks for a nice ride on the roads of Canada! With the new attraction Yukon Trucks and its design straight out of American films, experience a joyful and exotic crossing of Canada. Ideal for children, parents can easily accompany them, so be ready to embark and let yourself be driven on board your mastodon!

Hit the rapids of Canada

Aboard small barrels, children can descend the rapids of the Yukon Valley surrounded by Canadian beavers! On the way for a fun adventure and especially watch out for splashes! The Beaver River guarantees you laughs and sensations for the children, enough to leave wonderful memories for your little ones!

We invite you to come back on April 11, 2020, to discover these two novelties to the delight of children!

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